WINFOCUS ULTRASOUND LIFE SUPPORT Basic Level 1 – Provider (USLS BL1P) Course is an internationally recognised program with training on ultra sound as a tool for managing critically ill. Sri Lankan Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (SSCCEM) is happy to host this course which carries an internationally recognised certificate. This top quality program with a high price tag is now available for Sri Lankan medical professionals at a significantly lower cost with an additional reduction for SSCCEM members. The demand has been huge but unfortunately the numbers selected have to be kept low to keep the quality of training. A lines, B lines, Sea Shore, Curtains, Fast, eFast, Micky Mouse …. they‘ve seen and they’ve demonstrated all of them and broken the myth of USS used only to get vascular access and presence of free fluid in body cavities in critically ill. SSCCEM like to help to improve the QUALITY OF CARE for critically ill using Ultra Sound as a point of care tool but NOT TO IMPROVE THE NUMBERS of us scans performed by medical professionals ….. because after all we would like to remain the “pulse of the critically ill