About us

Mission & Vision

to be the PULSE of the critically ill
Establish, nurture and advance ethical, humane and quality critical care and emergency services in Sri Lanka

Education for the benefit of all those who require such services

Where possible prevent the sick becoming critically ill and minimise the need for emergency services
          • To support and facilitate the availability of critical and emergency care of a high standard to all persons who require such services 
      • To maintain the highest possible ethical standards in providing such services.
      • To advance knowledge to recognize the necessity for such services and promote research in the field.
      • To coordinate with the governmental and private sector medical institutions to publicize and educate medical, nursing, paramedical personnel and the public on the administration of critical-care and emergency medicine efficiently
      • To engage in educational activities targeting medical, paramedical, and other personnel at all levels who could render critical-care under conditions of emergency and transport of such patients.
      • To formulate minimum standards and protocols for the provision of critical and emergency care
      • To canvas all institutions marketing amenities for administering critical care and emergency care, to provide such materials under concessionary terms and conditions.
      • To enlist assistance of the media in promoting the importance of providing critical-care and preventative measures to minimize the need for such services.
      • To educate the public in the field of management of emergencies.
      • To recognize and implement strategies that might prevent or minimize the necessity for emergency and critical care services