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SSCCEM Profile 

The Sri Lankan Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (SSCCEM) was founded in 2002 with the participation of 109 doctors and nurses working in diverse fields of medicine. After initial hiccups, the society has grown from strength to strength in the recent years expanding its membership to over 200. The society has become the force behind the policy makers of Health Services in Sri Lanka to accept the need for high quality care to the critically ill patient.
At the onset, the founder members composed of specialists from Medicine,Surgery,Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Anaesthesiology. The need to develop critical care as a speciality in the country was however triggered by the intermediate rank doctors who worked hours and hours in intensive care units with no educational ladder. In response to their plea,the first Diploma program for Critical Care Medicine was initiated in 2008 by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo, Sri Lanka. These graduants have now become the spine of the SSCCEM. Their efforts have prompted the government to accept both Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine as independent specialities. Although an Emergency Medicine (MD) specialist training program has begun in the country, development of a specialist intensive care medicine (MD) training program is at a standstill due to territorial issues of traditional speciality ownerships, that are not new to the world of intensive care. However, SSCCEM is now committed more than ever before to the education of doctors working in intensive care units.
In 2007, the SSCCEM held its first annual scientific conference in the month of November. This conference is held every year,  and covers various themes of relevance for critical care and emergency medicine with the participation of an international faculty of Emergency Physicians from Australia and Intensive care specialists from India and Australia as guest speakers. It is a much anticipated academic event in our local calendar. In 2010,  the SSCCEM implemented its own CME programs related to Critical Care Medicine and these have gained wide popularity among ICU health professionals.
Since 2009 the society has focused on many academic activities with the collaboration of Intensivists and Emergency Physicians from the Australian College of Emergency Medicine,Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine and many Sri Lankan clinicians with an   interest in the fields of Critical care and Emergency Medicine. In 2011 the SSCCEM hosted the US award winning Liver transplant team from Mayo Clinic to conduct a 2 day workshop on liver transplantation.
The SSCCEM is now a member of many international bodies of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine. The SSCCEM holds membership of the World Federation Of Societies in Critical Care Medicine (WFSCCM), International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM),Asia Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine, and the SARCC Societies of Critical Care Medicine.
In 2013, the  society conducted its first ever BASIC course in Sri Lanka and an ultrasound course for intensivists was started with the collaboration of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine.
The society has organised many workshops directed at postgraduates and nurses with international teacher participation. The organisation has established many links within the SARRC region. The Emergency Life Care (ELC) Sri Lanka, BASIC course and WINFOCUS are some of the internationally recognised standard courses being conducted by the SSCCEM, often biannually.
In 2014 Sri Lanka gained membership of Asia-Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine (APACCM) and became a member of SAARC Societies of Critical Care Medicine.