Sri Lanka Journal of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine

The Sri Lankan Journal of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (SJCCEM), is the upgraded Bulletin of the SSCCEM, and official journal of the Sri Lanka Society Of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine (SSCCEM). It is sent to all life members of SSCCEM. The published articles will also be ‘open access’ via SSCCEM official website.



The Journal aims at ensuring effective communication of research in various aspects of critical care and emergency medicine in Sri Lanka and providing continuing medical education in critical care and emergency medicine, where concepts and strategies for improving outcomes in critically ill patients, and emergency situations are evolving rapidly. The journal will also regularly publish review articles, editorials, annotations and quizzes on various topics in intensive care and emergency medicine. These topics are normally commissioned, but suggestions sent to the Editorial Office are most welcome.


Reviewing and Publication

All submissions will be subject to an immediate screening process by the Editor. Papers not within the scope, or that obviously do not meet the scientific standards of the journal, may be declined by the Editor without further review. Those that meet the criteria for consideration, as outlined above, will usually be sent to two reviewers. The Editor will make every effort to reach decisions within 8-10 weeks of submission. Accepted articles will be prepared for publication in any of the forthcoming issues.