Sri Lankan Journal of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine

Covering Letter

Manuscripts should be submitted with a covering letter stating:

  • The article has not be been published in whole or part elsewhere.
  • The article has not been submitted elsewhere.
  • Should the manuscript be returned to the authors in case it is not accepted for publication.
  • That the clinical study had been approved by the appropriate local institutional ethics committee.
  • That the authors accept that Copyright in the manuscript will pass to the Sri Lankan Journal Of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine when the manuscript is accepted for publication.



Articles can be submitted via e mail to

Detailed instructions for submission are available from the web site.


If by post, the manuscript, tables, figures and covering letter should be submitted along with a computer disk you may send that to the following-


Dr Chulananda Goonasekera

Chief Editor

119/8 Heerassagala Road


Sri Lanka