mergency Life Care

Sri Lanka 2012


One of the best programs in 2012 and the only program spanning 5 days organised by SSCCEM concluded on the 11th of August, 2012. The event was a resounding success with great satisfaction expressed by the Australian Emergency Physician team as well as the participating Sri Lankan doctors.


ELC Sri Lanka Workshop 1

The benefit was there to see with the trainees who came for the program changing their format of assessing and managing patients in the Emergency Room overnight.

The program had two workshops (each one for two days) with the first one catering for the PG trained or currently in training doctors in the fields related to Emergency Medicine.

ELC Sri Lanka Workshop 2









The second one catered to the medical officers who are working in the Emergency Units around the country with little exposure to such training. While educating the Sri Lankan doctors on handling emergencies with many practical sessions thrown in, the Australian faculty was looking for the suitable candidates for the Sri Lankan Trainers forum for the future continuation of the program. SSCCEM is thankful to Prof Shane Curran and the team for selecting ten Sri Lankan trainers for the program.


ELC Sri Lanka Course Dinner

The course dinner was held on the 8th of August 2012 in Hotel Thilanka, Kandy with the trainers and trainees getting to know each other and exchanging views on how the program is run.

Finale of the ELC Sri Lanka was the symposium on Emergency Medicine which was held in the Auditorium, Neurotrauma Unit of NHSL. It was well attended and the lectures were given by Sri Lankan and Australian experts.