SSCCEM is  the pioneer in organising educational  programmes for health   care   professionals    in Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Over the years the numbers and the quality of the programmes have improved to internationally recognised standards.

Out of several international workshops from SSCCEM Emergency Life Care (ELC) Sri Lanka has become the workshop with the highest demand. It  is now being organised twice a year. Basic Assessment and Support in Intensive Care (BASIC) Course is dedicated for junior doctors
in Critical Care.

WINFOCUS workshop is dedicated to top quality Ultrasound training for bedside practise in critically ill patients. The course is gaining rapid popularity as ultrasound is being used as assessment tool in Dengue Hemorrhagic Shock which is currently in a epidemic status in the country.

SSCCEM  has  regular  CME  programs  on  vital  organ  system  support  for critically ill. The lecture series  covers  new  guidelines  and  updates on a wide range of topics involving one particular organ system in each programme.