Sri Lankan Journal of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine

Manuscript Preparation

Authors should submit articles written in English. Authors are requested to use a clear and simple writing style. All text must be double spaced throughout. All pages must be numbered. Abbreviations should be defined the first time they are used and a list of all abbreviations used should be provided. 


Manuscripts should be divided into: Title page, Keywords, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, References, Figure legends, Tables. 

Title page: should list full addresses (including telephone numbers, fax and email) for all authors and indicate the author responsible for correspondence. 

Keywords: Up to five keywords should be given in alphabetical order. 

Abstract: should not exceed 250 words and must be structured into separate sections headed Background and Aims, Subjects and Methods, Results, Conclusions.  

Introduction: must clearly state the background to the research and its aims.

Materials and methods: should be subdivided and must contain sufficient experimental information to allow the experiments to be reproduced.  

Results and discussion should be kept separate, Authors must state the main conclusions of the research, giving a clear explanation of their importance and relevance.  

Acknowledgements: should include any conflicts of interest and the source of funding or stated none.. 

References must be prepared in the style used in the Index Medicus including the abbreviations of journal titles and first and last page numbers. References: must be numbered consecutively, superscripted without brackets in the order in which they are cited in the text, followed by any in tables or figure legends. Each reference must have an individual reference number and the maximum allowed will be 30. Only papers that have been published or are in press may be cited. All authors should be listed unless there are more than six in which case list the first six followed by et al. Please take care to follow the reference style precisely; references not in the correct style may be returned for appropriate correction.

Figure legends: For each figure should not exceed 50 words.

Tables: should be titled. Footnotes to tables should be concise.

Illustrations and figures

Authors are encouraged to submit figures and illustrations in electronic format preferably JPEG or tiff files in addition to hard copies. Figure files can be submitted by email or alternatively files may be submitted on a computer disc or floppy.