Our Community
SSCCEM as a pioneer in the field of Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Sri Lanka. We take pride in organising cme programs of very high standard in both specialities annually. The programs have been very popular among the junior members and the demand for more such programs has increased from our own CCM and EM community.

Whenever possible we have organised events in collaboration with other health care organisations. SSCCEM regularly communicate with local and international healthcare organisations on a wide range of issues. One such important event was the initiation to set up an “Organ Transplant Coordination Centre” in Sri Lanka during the Annual Congress 2011.

The general public need answers to many burning questions regarding the care received in an ICU. This year SSCCEM  joined the Medicare 2012 ,Sri Lanka’s premiere health exhibition for the first time. The stall (No. 50) was focussing on how a critically ill patient should be  transported properly in an ambulance.