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Acute Coronary Syndrome

Dr.Gamini Galappatti

Arrhythmias in ICU

Dr Rohan Gunawardena

Cardiovascular Physiology (including neonatal, pregnancy adaptations)

Dr.Vasanthi Pinto

Advanced CVS Monitoring and Interpretation (incl. Intra Aortic Baloon Pumping)

Dr.Jagathi Perera

Cardiorenal Syndrome

Dr.A.L.M Nazar

Interventional Cardiology in ICU

Dr.Neomali Amarasena

Rational use of Inotropes in ICU (Paedaitric and adult)

Dr.Nalin Kitulwatta

Pulmonary Embolism diagnoses and therapy in ICU

Dr.Dushyanthi Perera

Shock and MOF

Prof.Chula Goonasekara