WFPICCS Newsletter

December 25, 2011


Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I wish to provide a short update and enlist your help as WFPICCS members as we continue
the journey to fulfill the mission of the Federation. Much has happened since we last met in Sydney but a lot more needs to be done.
I implore your enthusiastic participation as we move forward. Some information and areas of progress are outlined below.

1) World Congress
World Federation Conference in Sydney, Australia was very successful. By all accounts most participants were very pleased with the social as well as educational programs. The next meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014. The planning committee is now getting together to start the proceedings.
2) New Secretariat and PCO
WFPICCS has just hired Kenes as PCO and Secretariat. Kenes has a very good reputation in hosting international societies and is based out of Geneva. The WFPICCS team has visited the Geneva headquarters and has finalized the contract.
3) WFPICCS International Sepsis Initiative has just completed its first evaluation of outcomes for sepsis depending on resources available.
The evaluation was limited to the areas of the world in which there are resources, i.e., industrialized nations. This was done because there were very few patients enrolled in resource-limited areas. We will need to work with our colleagues in these areas to further understand the burden of sepsis. This project is ongoing. I would encourage AAP members to visit the website for further news pertaining to some exciting developments and to participate in this endeavour.

4) In addition, WFPICCS has been a founding member of the Global Sepsis Alliance ( which now includes many of the sepsis societies across the globe.
5) The World Federation would like complete its Strategic Plan for the next few years and invite all members to provide input into where we should focus our interests. Some have already suggested that we launch a series of programs as follows:
   1. An educational platform: this is intended to be web based and provide information and resources for those who work in resource limited as well as resource dense parts of the world.
This educational platform is intended to bring leaders and clinicians worldwide such that they can have fruitful interactions and hopefully assist each other.

   2. Work with major agencies worldwide in assisting in acute disaster situations. There are many agencies that are already working in these areas and it is not the intent of WFPICCS to reinvent the wheel, but rather link with these agencies and provide the resources of its members such that we can lend our expertise in disaster situations.
   3. One of WFPICCS major roles is also in advocacy. As such, one suggestion is to develop an advocacy group to link with major organizations and interact with policy makers across the world to improve the outcomes of children.

I would hope that we can create a groundswell, raise the enthusiasm level, participate in all these projects and also create a sense of excitement and common purpose to work with colleagues worldwide to improve the lot for children.